In just a few steps Applaya web-enables your 32-Bit or 64-Bit Windows application. With Applaya technology you even can provide complex Desktop or Client/Server applications over the internet. Without installation you can use and start challenging applications like CAD, Multimedia or SQL right now! Thereby you have got the possibility to provide your Windows software to your customers easily and directly.

Setting 1:
Offer your software as an One-Click Demo on your website. Your customers can test your software within a few seconds and get an idea of your products without download and installation. So you’ve got a competitive advantage. Furthermore, this supports your sales department in Lead-Generation.

Setting 2:
With Applaya you can make your software SaaS compatible. Create new license models for your customers and offer, beside the classic license sell, also the utilization of your software depending on necessity. Our integrated billing system helps you to account the software usability of your customers. The customer saves oneself the start investment and gives you the sole responsibility for software care. Therewith, you obligate customers stronger to your portfolio and you can guarantee the maximum quality of your products through centralized update machinery. Project lead time for software obtaining arrangements. Your sales progress will be reduced dramatically.

Setting 3:
Like a terminal server your software will hold available central. So complex installation progresses and update machinery will be dispended. That lowers your IT costs and increases customer’s satisfaction. Because you do not need an installation for Applaya the period and effort for application delivery will be zeroised. Applaya works with software streaming and in contrast to terminal server solutions you do not need no expensive hardware or software licenses.

Setting 4:
With Applaya you can create new upselling possibilities for your sales department. A possible valuation: your customer starts with a demo version of your software. During the going concern the customers decides to buy the full version. A few moments later the customer also decides to use the advanced version. Every upgrade step will be generated from the billing system into a winning situation.

Setting 5:
Software distributions or your specialist dealer get your software via Applaya. It considers automatically your commission rules. This new way of software selling is attractive for specialist dealer and distributors.