One-time authentication for all applications/services

The surface is adaptable to the Corporate Identity

All applications/services in one hub independent from appropriation technologies

Status sensitive display (online/offline

No installing of local supplied applications due to integrated virtualization

License-management for "time-bombed" applications (DRM)

Automated update of the applications

The applaya Hub is the local workspace for the user. It orientates itself on the same using-experience like with a smartphone, because that is what the user knows for several years. The user gets a "single-sign-on" access for all enabled application and services through the Hub, independent from the appropriation technology like the terminal server, virtual applications and web services. The controlling of virtual applications is particular intelligent. For example the "offline-ability" of remotely-controlled removal of applications and the prevention of conduction of capsules without having connection to the Hub. Through the Hub the user also has access to “user-selfservices” and shops to order and administrate the applications.

The platform is the central element of applaya. It regulates and administrates all applications and services that are provided to the users. Because of the capable and intuitive self-administration, the administrator is able to conduct user, applications and services. The platform has open interfaces (API) and is so able to get attached to already existing provisioning- and AD-solutions. It is able to display complex corporation-structures and features a coarsely adjustable rights- and process-management. For example it is possible to setup different entering points for admins or display permission processes for cost managers.