Here, you will find most important key functions.

Central appropriation of applications and services on unknown devices.

Due to the applaya Hub, applications and services can be provided on any given windows device without additional changes on the operating system. Devices, on which IT-department has no direct grasp, can be provided with applications and services on that way. After you installed the Hub and entered your access data the device will connect to the platform and purchase all for that account enabled applications and services.

The integrated virtualization technology of applaya can provide conventional 32- or 64bit windows-applications . This technology includes a license management and controls the utilisation. This protects the software from misuse as it can only be used in combination with the applaya Hub and a valid allocation.

Usage of not installed applications

Traditional Windows-applications can be provided to the device without installation. In that way, old applications become upward compatible and different versions of one software can be used at once. Therefore applaya has a integrated virtualization technology.

Efficient license management (DRM, Compliance)

With applaya, you are able to control local applications. The virtualized applications will be combined with a “time bomb”. That makes sure that only user with a valid ticket are able to use the application. If a ticket expires, the application will be removed residue-free from that device. On the “selfservice” on the platform, you have always a summary of your applications: How many licenses are used already? How many are left? Which user got what kind of licenses? Simultaneously the application is protected for misuse and can only be used with the applay Hub and a valid allocation.

Safe access to corporate resources

The applaya Hub is capable of create a safe connection to a selected terminal without the need of an additional installation. The connection is configured at the platform and will be delivered to the Hub.

Exoneration of network and infrastructure

The infrastructure of the company is discharged, due to the utilisation of local resources. The applications are running on the device and only strain the available capacity.

Avoidance of typical problems with central application appropriation

Poor abilities of connection for printers and other peripheral devices belong to the past. The virtualized applications access to the local installed hardware with help of the drivers which are installed on the operating system.

Central applied applications are not available offline. The virtualized applications are saved on the device and will run also without connection , as far as there are no accesses to backend systems are required.

Complex self-service fronted

The Applaya self-service offers a complex administration of user, applications and services. Through simply allocation applications can be assigned or detracted to user and their end devices.The allocation could be done by an administrator, by the user through the self-service or by a shop system. As needed, individual approval procedure can be deposited.

Open interfaces for integration of third party system

The platform got open interfaces (API) to stake it to existing commission solutions or catalogue systems.