Evalaze provides an open API, which help to extract information from the virtual environment but it can also initiate certain functions. The function of the API is designed to perform bidirectional i.e. it can transfer control data (start, stop, terminate) through the interface in the direction of the client application. Furthermore, it is possible to use a verification procedure to verify the application. Within the procedure specific parameter, which can be freely defined, are verified. If all the parameters are met, then the application will be published.

Key Benefits for Developers
  • Optimized regression testing by using sandboxing
  • Riskless testing of new software products
  • Implementation in your own applications or processes
Key Benefits for Software Vendors
  • Elimination of any compatibility issues
  • No changes to the host system
  • Provisioning for VDI infrastructure, terminal servers, cloud environments, SaaS

The configuration options for the API extend the previous possibilities by many times. The API can control an application, for example you can distinguish which program data should be returned to the Interface. Furthermore, the virtual applications can be adapted and integrated to existing enterprise management and software distribution systems. Thurs the Evalaze API offers comprehensive possibilities to react to a request safely and quickly. For the development of the API we focus specifically on your needs and requirements. Get in touch with us to speak about the diverse possibilities of the API!