Evalaze is the very first German product in the application virtualisation sector. Private users can make use of the Free Edition.

As well as the Evalaze product, we also offer a virtualisation service. The following is a schematic of our virtualisation process. We only need you to supply us with the application (including the license key) together with your configuration requirements.

Please note the special licensing terms for virtualisation services.


For commercial users, Evalaze offers an interesting means of providing different software and applications. In recent years, we have been able to build an enormous amount of know-how in the field of application virtualisation.
Our expertise together with our Evalaze tool enables us to virtualise specialist software from the most diverse of areas. With our in-house development service our programmers can intervene directly in the virtualisation process and edit the application directly. In this way we are basically able to virtualise any application.

Benefits of our virtualisation service:
bulletYou receive a ready-configured virtualised application matching your requirements
bulletA reduction in implementation costs including regression and compatibility testing in your IT department
bulletTime saving
bulletNo training is needed = no costs
bulletFast roll-out of applications